Ode to the New Season

I love the changing of seasons. The newness, the freshness of it. It inspires me to make my own changes, and gives me a fresh perspective. My favorite season is whichever one is new, although I do prefer Spring and Fall a bit.

The past couple days have been refreshingly cool here in South Georgia. This morning I walked the kids to school, as I have been trying to do a lot this school year, and the world was simply glorious. Blue skies, cool breeze, a scattering of leaves. Anna and Will actually said they were chilly… how great is that?!

Fall is definitely in the air now, coloring my dreams in oranges and browns. I can finally walk into the mall and allow myself to look at the store displays that have been proclaiming Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving for weeks already. (I still avert my eyes from the expanding Christmas aisles. If I don’t see it, it’s like it’s not there, right?)

I’m ready for pumpkins and the scent of cinnamon and no longer sweating when I walk to the mailbox at the end of my driveway! Bring on the crunchy leaves, and I will happily plod right through them and gather them into piles to my children’s delight.

I love Fall! I just wish we had a bit more of it.

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