The Stamp of Justice – Some Thoughts for Easter

Today I mailed an Easter card to a far-away friend. I decorated the envelope with a few Easter stickers declaring “He is Risen!” Then, as I attached the stamp in the top right corner, I noticed it said simply, “Justice.”

Justice. How appropriate. How profound. Justice is a heavy word, one bearing the full weight of the law. When Justice is truly served, it may be hard, but it is right, and there is no way around it.

Justice fell on Jesus on a Friday. Not for anything He had done. It was the Justice we deserved. He served the sentence, taking the punishment for our crimes. Crimes against God, against our fellow humans, against ourselves. We are all guilty before God. Justice.

God placed the stamp of Justice on Jesus as He hung on our cross in our place. Justice was fulfilled.

On Sunday something remarkable happened. With Justice now satisfied, God placed the stamp of Mercy on us. Mercy. Grace. Forgiveness. Hope. Life.


Love. That’s Easter.

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