What If We Could Change The World?

It’s Christmastime, and the race to get more stuff for our loved ones is on. There are traffic jams around the malls and long check-out lines at the popular stores. As I consider what sort of goodies might make my little ones smile, I look around our home and see the bounty they already have, and I wonder…

What if we could all indulge a little less on ourselves and our families? Are those shiny new toys really worth it? Do we really need…?

What if we deliberately reduced our Christmas spending and used that money to help others? Others in far more desperate need?

What if we skipped some of the coolest toys and gadgets, and instead bought goats? Or chickens? For a family whose life would be changed by our kindness.

What if we invested our money in providing education for a child somewhere in that other world? Or maybe supported a clean water project that sets up wells to help entire communities enjoy safe drinking water?

What if this Christmas we looked beyond “us” and made a difference for “them?” Could we clear our eyes of all the glitter and excitement, promoted by shiny baubles and mall music, and reach out beyond our own world to really make an impact?

Just think about what could happen. We could change a life. We could offer hope. It seems to me that’s the true spirit of Christmas. And yet it is so very difficult.

Visit www.worldvisiongifts.org (or another such organization) to learn how to help in these types of projects and more.

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