Lessons From a Corn Maze

If I had my own corn maze, I’d call it The Amazing Maize Maze. Really, I can’t believe I’ve never seen a corn maze with that name. There must be one somewhere.

I went to a corn maze twice last week, having never been to one before, and it was interesting. Looking at the map, it seems like a lot of fun. The paths are cleverly arranged to make a picture. You get to walk around through corn, which just doesn’t happen every day. And the days I went to the maze were beautiful and sunny, with cheerful skies. What’s not to like?

But, the whole point of a maze is to try to find your way out, which necessarily implies that there are lots of ways that do not lead out. And I happen to have some issues with getting lost. I don’t like it. Not even the thought of it, really. But if my kids were up for the maze, then I was, too.

As we went through the maze (happily following a guide, which I think is kind of like cheating), we passed through an intersection and my son asked why we didn’t take a different route. I explained that not all the paths lead back out. He asked why not. I asked him how much fun it would be to do a maze if we knew every path would lead out, so there was no way to “lose.” He thought about it, and answered that it wouldn’t be any fun.

Exactly. It’s a paradox: without the chance of losing, winning is meaningless. Why even bother unless you just like walking around in the corn (which, in itself, is interesting for a certain amount of time)?

Another thing about the maze is that there are lots of paths people can choose to follow. But not all of them will take you where you aim to go, no matter how sincere you may be. Some of them are simply dead ends. And so it is in life, on so many levels.

Life is truly amazeing! (Yeah, that was bad, but I just couldn’t resist!)

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