Considering the Poultry

I bought “cage free” eggs yesterday. I’ve never done that before, but there they were, and I started thinking that it was probably a lot nicer to be a chicken wandering around than cooped up in a cage all the time. So I gave the “cage free” farmer my money.

Maybe I’m just feeling  more poultry-sensitive since I watched the documentary “My Life as a Turkey.” Seriously. Here’s the link so you can watch it for yourself if you are so inclined…

It’s really a fascinating look at how this man, Joe Hutto, raises a group of wild turkeys from eggs to adulthood, becoming “one of them,” as it were. There’s more to a turkey than meets the eye, and Hutto gained amazing insights into their lives and the natural world around them.

Thus, at least for now, we eat “cage free” eggs at our house.

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