The Whisper of God

Have you ever thought about why God so frequently speaks to us in a still small voice? He often is the whisper even in the midst of our storms and chaos. I’ve always thought it was kind of neat that One with limitless power would approach us so gently.

Today it occurred to me that God’s whisper provides another beautiful illustration of how He relates to us as His children. Sometimes we might think that God is far off above us, so He might need to shout or cause a ruckus to get our attention, especially when life gets crazy. And sometimes He might choose to do so.

But He is not a distant God at all. He is up close. Like a mother comforting her child who’s gotten hurt. Like a father snuggling his tired little one. In these moments, parents are not yelling down the hall, but rather whispering shhh’s and gently comforting their loved ones, up close, cheek to cheek even.

And so is God toward us, His children by faith. He is near. Sadly, we may overlook Him at times, as we are not naturally inclined to see beyond the visible. But He is there with His still small voice, beckoning. Always loving.


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2 Responses to The Whisper of God

  1. Sometimes I think that His whisper is an attention getter. Cuz there is often a lot of chaos going on, and the only way to get our attention is to whisper — have you noticed that if someone speaks softly in a noisy environment, that things quiet down cuz they wanna hear, too?! Very effective tool a whisper is!

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