Photo Albums

I love taking pictures – especially of my kids – documenting our life, preserving a bit of history. I have kept up with photo albums since high school – not the fancy “scrapbooking” style that has become popular, but a merely functional format to organize the pictures and add some notes in the margins. Currently I am running a year behind in my photo albums, though. Literally May 2009 is next on my list to order prints from Snapfish. It’s so hard to find the time to keep up with all our photos, and now summer is coming and I’ll have less time to accomplish anything with the kids out of school. If I tried to do scrapbooking, I’d be toast – countless years behind. As it is, I order the prints, slap them in the book, write some captions, and move on. And still I’m behind. But it’s worth it. In the last couple years Anna and Will have really started enjoying looking at the photo albums, learning or remembering the stories of our family history. Their enjoyment helps to spur me on. I just wish I could catch up to date!

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