Census 2010

I filled out our 2010 Census form recently, and now I am left puzzling a bit. Two things: 1. why do Hispanics get a whole separate question and 2. why is one race option simply “white?” I honestly would like to know.

What is the significance of being “Hispanic” that it warrants a whole question on a very brief census questionnaire? And if it is not a “race,” as stated in the census, then what is it and why does it matter? It makes me wonder if there is some hidden agenda at work. Bring on the conspiracy theories!

And “white?” Really, that’s it? My skin is not really white and I’m not from Whiteland or anything. Where is the option for European American? All the other groups have very descriptive, geographically based identifiers. There is no black, yellow, or red race option. How about Ukrainian/French/German/English American? That’s something I can identify with! In hindsight I should have marked “other” for the sake of accuracy, but alas I dutifully marked “white” as I have been trained. Perhaps European Americans should try to increase awareness and sensitivity in our society so that we may be properly recognized by our land of origin.

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