Induce or Wait?

Ok, so I have about a week and a half left til Baby #3 is due. Feeling huge and ready to meet our new little one. Someone asked me, “You’re not going to be induced? You’re just going to wait?” Well, yes. It’s not like I’m two weeks overdue or anything unusual is going on. Doesn’t it make sense to let nature take its course? To let a body that was designed with one of its functions being to give birth decide when the right time is to achieve that goal? Why schedule it, rush the process, introduce further complications if not necessary? My answer to my friend was “Oh, no! Being induced only makes it harder.” I think she was surprised. I find it annoying that optional medical intervention has become such the norm; that doctors can in good conscience somehow convince women that “something must be done”, that giving birth is not normal, natural, and healthy for the vast majority of cases. It’s irresponsible and self-serving, if you ask me – which, of course, you didn’t.

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