Dreading the Glucose Test

This Thursday I go to the Birth Center for my group meeting/appointment and dreaded glucose test. I failed my glucose test while pregnant with Anna and ended up having to prick my finger three times a day for three months while counting carbs/sugars. Not fun. I was a bit wiser when I was pregnant with Will – having learned that the test is not a good test on several levels and there are certain steps you can take to make passing it more likely – and managed to pass, thus avoiding finger pricks and rigid diet. So here we go again… will I pass or fail? Ugh!

Will is all better now – had his surgery to remove the port from his chest on Friday. He has been just fine until today, and now he seems like he’s come down with something else! Hopefully it is a quick little virus that will be gone tomorrow. No more hospitals, please (though I am certainly thankful for the hospital and everyone)!

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