Hello, again!

Ta da! I’m back – finally! We moved to our new home on Friday, August 1, but have not had internet or cable tv until today at long last. How can this be in today’s modern high-speed world? I guess it’s my fault… I wanted to keep our telephone number the same – I thought that would be easier – so Jon signed us up for some “bundle” for cable tv, internet, and phone. But, in order for Comcast to transfer our phone number to the new house, it was going to take two weeks, amazingly enough, during which time we would be without tv or internet. Our phone would remain active, though inconveniently located at our old house (where we no longer live, in case you missed that). So today was the big hook-up day… except that two days ago, Comcast called and said they had a software problem and our phone number didn’t get processed in our order, so now it will be an additional five business days before the phone moves to the new house. Whatever.

In the meantime we have hosted Jon’s brother Stephen and his family of four from Chicago at our new house, and Jon’s sister Heidi with her family of eleven from Pittsburgh at our old house, so there’s been a bit of excitement to keep us preoccupied during our “unwired” time. Everyone came into town to celebrate Jon’s parents’ 5oth wedding anniversary. There was a party/reception at the church last weekend, not to mention dinners out, trips to the beach, swimming at the pool, cousins playing together, etc. It was fun and exhausting.

So here I sit, in the midst of many boxes, with children sleeping (or “peeping” as Will says) and husband out buying groceries and retrieving more boxes from the old house (we’re almost done – really). It is quiet – just the hum of my trusty computer and an occasional jingle of dog tags in the hall. Gradually, everything in these boxes will find its proper new place, a life rhythm will emerge once more, and we will find our new “normal.”

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