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Today we went to a moving sale and bought a big, ultra-comfy leather chair and footstool from a British couple who is preparing to move to Italy and therefore selling essentially everything they own. We got a great deal, and somehow managed to maneuver said furniture into our minivan, kids and all. I realized two things in the midst of this purchase.

First, it is not the best idea to buy new furniture for your new and larger home prior to moving in because there may not be room in your current smaller home to put it. We promptly deposited our new chair/footstool combo in the empty office space in Jon’s office building, and now I cannot even enjoy my new chair (I think there will be some debate in our home over exactly whose chair it is)! Sadness! It reminded me of our cute rocking chair in the kitchen… which brings me to my second observation.

Jon and I are collectors of chairs. It’s true. I don’t know why. There are just so many cool chairs out there, and ok maybe they don’t quite go with any of our other furniture or we’re not sure where we’ll put them, but for some reason we are compelled to buy unique chairs at estate/yard sales. Before today our most recent addition was a pretty little wooden rocking chair with newly upholstered cushions, and all the money from that estate sale went to help the local Humane Society shelter (where we got Lucy), which only sweetened the deal. Yes, the rocking chair sits in the kitchen because we bought it “for the new house”, of course! In the past we’ve also gotten a beautiful gold upholstered occasional chair in a butterfly print, which actually needs to be redone. And my parents have even given us an old wooden chair they picked up at a flea market, thus enabling our addiction! Strange indeed. I wonder if there are chair collectors support groups out there…

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