Cows and Lost Stuff

Do you have an uncontrollable urge to moo when you drive past a bunch of cows in a field? Just wondering. Almost every time our family drives past cows, we all feel the need to moo… and in various pitches. Will has even begun to join in now that he understands the game. I’ve always had a fondness for cows – simple, peaceful creatures that they are. They have no pretenses. What you see is what you get.

Don’t you hate it when things get lost? I hate that. Like when Anna loses a favorite little ring outside in the backyard. You know it’s there somewhere, but you just can’t find it. Or lost opportunities… things you could have, should have said or done, but now the moment is gone. Or lost people… through death or distance or circumstance… those who were or should be close to you are now out of reach, lost to you. All is not right with the world. No wonder Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost; lostness must tear at God’s heart, too.

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