Will at Bedtime

It’s almost 9:30 pm and Will is singing in his crib. He’s been in there for about an hour. Occasionally he will say “uh-oh,” which probably means either his pajama leg has been pushed up or he threw one (or more) of his stuffed animals out of the crib.

Will is a fun little guy. He loves trucks; even better than trucks are planes and helicopters; better than that are boats; and the best of all are trains! “Choo-choo” he says in a high-pitched imitation. I took Will to Target with me the other day to shop for Christmas presents, and he found this ride-on Winnie the Pooh train that makes train sounds and has things that pop up and such. It was high on a shelf where he couldn’t reach, but he saw it and started doing his happy dance and pointing and carrying on. So I pulled it down and set it on the floor, and he played with it so well that I was able to look at everything in that section uninterrupted. And yes, I bought him the train for Christmas. (That’s the beauty of this age – 21 months – you can put the toy right in the cart, pay for it, load it into the minivan with him right there, and he doesn’t even realize you have it! He’ll still be surprised! Anna has even told him he’s getting a train for Christmas, and he has no idea what she’s talking about! Anna, on the other hand, being almost 4, is trouble, and will not be included in any more Christmas secrets for quite some time I’m sure!)

Jon just put Anna to bed (we take turns), and Will has quieted down. The two share a room, and I think Will likes to wait up for Anna to go to bed. All is peaceful now. Good night!

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