Festival Time

Today we went to the Medieval Festival at Oatland Island Education Center (which is a cool place with a walking trail and wild animals to view – Savannah’s mini zoo, sort of). It was a beautiful day, and it was fun to see people in their costumes and all the activities. They had the “Whack a Knight” activity for kids, which was funny… kids were given these soft “swords” and costumes and then they got to whack away at an adult dressed as a knight… it was hilarious! Anna and Will were too little for most of the activites, though. We did wait in line for over half an hour to ride a pony named Ms. Bullet (she followed Bullet around the circle – I guess they’re a couple). Anna and Will rode together and really enjoyed it. Then we waited in another line for half an hour to buy hotdogs. But overall, we had a nice time. Before going to bed tonight Anna asked when we could go to the “Weevil Festibal” again.

I wonder if there is a weevil festival somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised. There is a bollweevil monument in Enterprise, AL where my sister-in-law Rose and her family live. The town celebrates the bollweevil because it got their economy out of cotton (by destroying it), which turned out to be a positive thing. Anyway, I love all the festivals that pop up this time of year… Octoberfest is coming, the Bamboo Farm will have their fall shindig, shrimp/seafood festivals in Beaufort and Richmond Hill, the Greek Festival (opa!), Jewish Food Festival, etc. And maybe somewhere someone is being festive about weevils!

PS – I’m not sure why, but the date and time are wrong on my blog. I am actually writing this on Saturday, Sept 29 at 9:57 pm. Weird!

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