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Remembering a friend

Stanley Anderson, age 62, died last Thursday at the laundromat he so often frequented. He was shot and killed for reasons we don’t yet know. His friend, Katie, was injured by the same 70-year-old shooter.

Stanley was a kind and friendly man, humble and appreciative. WTOC news reported that a fellow patron at the laundromat said, “He was a very nice guy; kind of jovial type of guy.”

Stanley was homeless–had been for years. He worked when he could, but it was never enough. Health problems that came with his age made working even more difficult. He had no interest in the homeless shelters, but preferred to camp out in the woods or take shelter in the laundromat when a tropical storm blew through. He had very little in this world, but he had enough to be kind and friendly. He had enough to be thankful.

Stanley had his share of demons and the effects of his own bad choices that he would readily admit.

He was killed by a guy with a gun, making him the 33rd homicide in Savannah for the year. But he was more than a statistic. More than part of the homicide problem or the homeless problem. He was a kind man created and loved by God… a person with hopes even yet.

I talked with Stanley the week before he was killed, and he said he was working on his benefits, and hoping to get enough money together to get a place to stay. In the two years I knew him, that’s the first I’d heard him mention getting a place to stay. I thought things were looking hopeful for him. I watched Stanley and Katie shuffle away across the parking lot that day, hand in hand, always looking out for each other. And it was sweet and hopeful.

Stanley Anderson died on Thursday, November 2, 2017. This is just a bit of his story–a sort of memorial for one who had so little and might be deemed insignificant by the world’s standards. Yet he had a heart big enough to be kind and grateful and gentlemanly. He will be missed by those who knew him.

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