Hi! I’m Traci…

Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here.

Here is where I write about Authentic Living in terms of Family Life, Travel, Culture, Faith. In essence, Life… Plain and Wonderful. Filtered all through the lens of grace.


Years ago, my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Leonard, assigned a poetry writing project, and kindled within me a love of words. There’s been no turning back.

More recently, I have written regularly for CoastalMommies.com, and on my own personal blog. I love to encourage, help, uplift, and challenge people to live more deeply and make a difference, to keep focused on the big picture, even in the little things.

I try to keep it real, honest, authentic. I believe in truth, kindness, a sense of humor, and grace for the fallen (that’s all of us).  I stand amazed by this awe-inspiring planet we inhabit and by the One who made it so. I relish the freedom and grace that make me who I am.

I treasure my family: my Amazing Husband, Jon, and our three Awesome Children. As if it’s far too easy to raise three kids (ha!), we have added a menagerie to our world: two happy dogs, two curious cats, three quiet hermit crabs, and two Madagascar hissing cockroaches, proving that we are prone to momentary lapses of sanity. Again and again.

Just like family, life is messy and quirky, hard and wonderful. And totally worth it. This parenting journey, this life journey, is filled with laughter, disasters, mistakes, and glimpses of glory. It’s okay. Come along. Walk with me a while.

Through all of this, my hope is that you, my fellow sojourner, may be encouraged, challenged, and maybe even inspired along the way.


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