Giving Thanks No Matter What


The Thanksgiving holiday calls us to think about what we are thankful for in the midst of turkey and the impending Christmas busyness. So what are you thankful for? What if you had no turkey for your table? Or no table at all? No sure, safe place to lay your head each night? Could you still give thanks? Would you?

This world is broken, fallen. There are so many reasons to be frustrated, angry, heartbroken, desperate. In spite of them all, or because of them, I will give thanks.

I will give thanks for the simple things. The crunching of leaves under foot. The smile of a stranger. The warm sun on my back. The giggles of children.

I will give thanks for the daily things. Food to eat. A home for shelter. Clothes and books and cars. Good health.

I will give thanks for the furry things. The fickle, independent cats. The adoring, wiggly pooches.

I will give thanks for the social things. My loving, quirky family. Good, solid friends. Friendly, helpful neighbors. Kind strangers.

I will give thanks for the higher things. The faith that stirs my heart with the hope of a better place. The grace that forgives the very worst in me–in us. The love unshakeable of the Most High God.

Though all the other things fall away, the sure foundation of the love of God remains. Everything else is icing on the cake. That alone is the greatest reason to give thanks this Thanksgiving and every day. No matter what people say or do or fail to do, His love and faithfulness are everlasting.

So whether we are passing the turkey like so many others on this national holiday or wrestling with issues we’d rather not name, let us give thanks. On Thanksgiving and always.


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