Who’s crying about the last day of school?

Usually when you hear of kids crying about school, it’s because they don’t want to go. But at our house recently, children have shed actual tears because they don’t want the school year to end. Seriously.

My 4th grade daughter and 3rd grade son both have had excellent teachers this year who quickly became their favorites, and now my kids don’t want to give them up. Driving to school this morning, the last day of the school year, discussion in the back seat focused on how summer is so boring and school is so much fun and if only they could go to school all year long… I still can’t believe it myself.

Of course, there have been days throughout the year where they sang a different, even exactly the opposite, tune. But today, at the end, they find they don’t want it to end. After all, they agreed, school is more fun than sitting around watching tv. Unless it’s your favorite tv show, they allowed. As if I let them sit around watching tv all summer… ha!

So what’s a mom to do? I am used to encouraging my kids to go to school and enjoy it. And now I’m having to convince them that summer will be fun, and being promoted to the next grade will be a good thing. It’s a bit ironic, but I’m thankful for the teachers who made it possible.

Hats off to all the outstanding teachers out there who manage to inspire the minds and capture the hearts of the children they teach. And sometimes make them cry about summer.

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