When Showing Teacher Appreciation is Harder Than You Might Think

Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us. Parents received the handy suggested-tokens-of-appreciation list well in advance so we could be prepared. The list covers ideas for each day of the week along with reminders to include those “extra” teachers of art, music, etc. Very helpful, thank you.

I love my kids’ teachers. They are doing an excellent job, and this has been a pretty great year for us. I am thankful that our teachers care so much about the kids, and that they are creative, enthusiastic, and skilled in their teaching. All of that is true.

And yet, there was a weekend. And then Monday morning get-out-the-door chaos distracted me. And on the way to school I realized we had no teacher offering to bring. I resolved to do better on Tuesday.

This morning was Tuesday, and I thought the kids could cut some pretty flowers from the yard to give their teachers. True, flowers were the suggested gift for Monday, but since it was only a “suggestion,” and we missed showing our appreciation on Monday, I thought flowers would work just fine on Tuesday. Plus, we have lots of flowers in our yard, so it would be easy! My son chose a purple flower and some white flowers, my daughter chose the white flowers, and away we went to school.

As we sat in traffic approaching the school, my daughter realized there were lots of tiny bugs on the white flowers… and all over her clothes! She gathered up all the white flowers and tossed them out the window. I’m sure the people in the car behind us wondered why flowers were flying from our van. We tried to squish the teeny bugs, but I suspect there may still be some lurking about. And thus, today, one of our teachers received one purple flower. Hopefully there were no bugs on it.

After I dropped off all three kids at school this morning, I headed to the store to buy some proper teacher appreciation gifts to carry us through the rest of the week. So we’re halfway through the week, and I am prepared. Better start planning our end-of-the-year gifts soon!


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