Mastering the Wonders of English: the Silent E is for Evan

My little guy is learning to read, and having a lot of fun with it. I love to see his face light up as he realizes he knows how to read a new word.

So we were reading together recently, and he was stumped by the word “home.” When I told him it was “home,” he asked, “What about the E at the end,” since it made no sound. I told him it was a silent E. We moved on.

Several days later we were at a restaurant with some of our extended family, and Evan was writing his name on paper to pass the time until our food came. He has known how to write his name for quite a while, so I was puzzled to hear someone ask him why there were two E’s in his name.

Strangely, Evan had written EEVAN. He explained simply, “The first one is a silent E.”

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