The Unfriending… Letting Go

Today I unfriended someone on Facebook. It was a first for me, and I thought about it for days before clicking it into reality.

I’m not one to burn bridges easily, and I hate to lose people. But this was not a real bridge burning as I could find no bridge remaining to connect us. This friend had become a ghost to me, a shadow of a ghost really, where there had once been a dear friend.

I hoped for a long time to see even a glimmer of the friend I once had. The one I trusted, in some ways, more than myself. The one with the strangely similar sense of humor and interests. We had our own lingo, and sometimes completed each other’s sentences. That’s the joy of best friends.

But people change. Life happens, and choices are made. For a long time I chose to hope. She chose to be silent. So today I clicked her into an Unfriend, but the irony is that nothing really changed with that click. She had been an Unfriend for a long time already. Now I just won’t see her vacation pictures.

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