The Snowball Effect of Three Little Owls

Sometimes I have a knack for complicating things. For example, Jon gave me three beautiful pictures of owls for Christmas. It was such a thoughtful gift. I had mentioned that I just realized I really like owls a lot (perhaps a victim of some covert marketing scheme, but I like them nonetheless). And I had seen some really cool owl pictures at a store. And then my insightful hubby found some owl pictures at a different store and got them for me. How cool is that?!

So I have these lovely owl pictures, and I must find just the right place to hang them. Will they go in the living room where they look so cozy against the soft green walls (but there’s not much room for them)? Or the toy room where they would add a touch of sophisticated whimsy (but… with the kids?)? Or the master bedroom where I can admire them privately (but I’d like everyone to see them)? Or perhaps the hallway (but I’ve always planned on hanging family pictures in the hallway)?

As one thing leads to another, so my search for a home for my new owls leads me to consider the hallway and our family pictures. If the family pictures were in place, I would have a better idea of where exactly the owl pictures might go in the hallway. How can I possibly rule out the hallway when I’m not sure where the pictures could go? I’d hate to hang the owls, and later discover that that would have been the prime location for the family pictures.

So I started with a simple proposition: to hang my new owl pictures. And now I find myself in the midst of a full-blown project of organizing my entire inventory of picture frames (which I have been collecting over the years for this very purpose), selecting just the right family photos, and arranging the photos in appropriate frames. It is a big, time-consuming project, which is why I have no family photos hanging in my hallway, which of course hinders my quest for a place to hang my owls.

While I am making progress on my family photo project, I still wonder if I should just choose another location for the owls to perch and be done with it. But what good are the family pictures if no one ever sees them? And what about the decorative shelves I found in the back of my closet that need to be hung up somewhere? Once the walls are all adorned, the house will feel that much more cozy and friendly. Now, should the shelves go in the living room…?

And my three little owls rest quietly against a wall in my bedroom, waiting for their day to come.


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5 Responses to The Snowball Effect of Three Little Owls

  1. LOL I am visiting my MIL. They moved in over a year ago. They asked if we could help hang up some pictures, as 99% of them are still leaning against the walls!
    I have decided that just getting something up… no matter where, will look great. I bet your shelves and owl picture will be the same way!

  2. Haha! So true! Action is almost always better than indecision. Thanks!

  3. I can totally relate. I am a big picture thinker too, so I can’t stand to tinker with one little part of my house without thinking of how it is going to relate to every other aspect of my house. It can be quickly paralyzing.

  4. Yes, paralyzing is a good word for it. 🙂

  5. I did manage to hang up the owl pictures this weekend. I went with the front room option, and they look adorable! Also hung up a few family pictures in the hall. Progress!

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