Inns and Mangers and Genies

Christmastime is upon us… that wonderful, joyous, busy, holy time of year. The children at our church did a super job of sharing the Christmas story with us all this morning. Anna and Will were shepherds, and Evan was the cutest donkey ever (though I may be a little biased).

Anyway, it was a great reminder of the meaning of the season. Of how God Almighty humbled himself and came to us, to live among us. There was no room in the inn. How could all the vastness of the Creator squeeze into a Bethlehem inn anyway? Even more, how could he fit into the size of a tiny babe sleeping in a manger? It reminds me of the scene in Aladdin where the Genie, describing his own situation, says “phenomenal cosmic powers… itty bitty living space.”

But there he is, our God, in a stable among the dirt and livestock and humble folk. The Creator stepping into his creation. More powerful and wonderful than any genie, he seeks us, pursues us, transforms us. He could raise up the rocks to praise and glorify his name, but he wants us. He chooses us. Do we have room for him?

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