A Communion Surprise

It was Sunday morning at church a couple weeks ago, just as Jon and I began to make our way up to communion, when Will decided to come with us. But first, let me set the stage.

I know there are a lot of different ways for churches to carry out the Lord’s Supper… passing it around, walking up to the altar, common cup, individual cups, etc. Our church proceeds to the altar for communion, and typically our own children remain in their seats.

Under our previous pastor it was the custom for children to remain in their seats for whatever reason while the adults went forward for communion. Last year a new pastor came to town, and there has been a shift toward having the children come forward, too, and receive a little blessing. But our family has not really made that change yet.

So Will suddenly decided he wanted to come up front with us and see what it was all about. Great, no problem. In the back of my mind I kind of wished I had a bit of time to explain the details more to him, but it was fine.

All the adults received communion and then our pastor came back around to the kids. He stood in front of Will and raised his hand over him in blessing. Will looked at him, assessed the situation, and promptly responded with a high five. I did all I could to keep my laughter from bursting forth!

Our pastor hardly missed a beat, but it took Jon and me several minutes to get over the communion high five.


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