Fundraising Blues

Oh how I hate fundraising! It may be necessary to many programs, but I despise it just the same. For the past few weeks, between my two school-age kids, we’ve been obligated to four fundraisers. Four. At the same time. I’m sure the neighbors were hiding in their homes when they saw our little troop walking down the street!

There was one fundraiser for Anna and another one for Will, and then one that they were both having to do. It was quite the challenge for me to try to make sure the sales for each of them pretty much balanced out to win the same prizes (since no one was especially motivated to sell).

And don’t even get me started about those prizes they dangle before our unsuspecting children. “Sell 500 items and win your very own iPod!” That one really had Anna going. Sadly (or lucky for me) she still was not sufficently motivated to actually go door to door to achieve the coveted prize. But she did moan about what could have been. Thanks, fundraiser! Everyone needs a little more complaining around the house.

I spent several hours online setting up my kids with accounts so they could sell online. We sent out emails and postcards to innocent family and friends in the hope that someone would take pity on us and buy something. Apologies to all of you (we actually got some kind of credit just for handing over your information whether you bought anything or not)!

I would be just as happy (happier, really) to simply write a check for a donation to the organization and then pick up a couple cheap toys at the dollar store for my kids’ amusement. It would definitely save me money compared to, say… spending $100 on fundraiser items I don’t really need so my kids could “win” some stickers or a plastic toy.

I’m sure some studies have probably shown that fundraising is the way to go (versus asking parents for straight donations). But I hate it because I always feel so conflicted during a fundraiser. On the one hand I feel compelled to do our best for “the team” and to do our fair share. On the other hand I feel like a nuisance for pestering friends, family, and neighbors in order to sell our stuff. It really is a great relief when the selling ends.

So here’s a huge “thank you” to everyone who bought something from us over the past few weeks! And the good news is that we are down to just one fundraiser, which we have actually been fairly successful with, so I think we’re in the clear for a while. Of course, before I know it, it will be cookie-selling season. But who doesn’t love cookies?

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