Where Can I Find a Classic Movie? Or a Kid Show? Or…?

Okay, what is it with all these television networks changing up their formats? Most recently Nick Jr, known for its preschool programming, added an adult-themed NickMom line-up that starts at 10:00 pm complete with stand-up comedy and “reality” shows. Granted, there probably aren’t too many preschoolers up that late watching tv, but family circumstances can vary greatly, and wouldn’t it be nice to know you can count on a kid channel to have kid programming? Maybe that’s just me.

This isn’t the first case of station identity crisis. AMC (American Movie Classics) proudly boasts its series, The Walking Dead (among others). Movie? No. Classic? No. I guess it’s at least American? Travel Channel features food shows; Food Network promotes travel shows. And when is the last time anyone has seen music videos on MTV? Dire Straits is left wondering why they wanted their MTV to begin with.

Does any of this matter? Not so much really, in the big scheme of things. And some of these cross-overs have resulted in some truly fine entertainment. But still it leaves one asking, “what’s in a name?” Why even have a name and a self-proclaimed genre if you then abandon it as you please? Some may call it progress or an evolution of sorts. Or maybe it’s just an identity crisis resulting from trying too hard to chase the money.


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  2. Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot.

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