Looking Up

This evening I was out in the neighborhood with my kids, selling popcorn for the Cub Scouts’ fundraiser. It had been one of those days. Actually it has been about two weeks’ worth of “one of those days” and I’m quite ready to move on to a different kind of day already.

Our kind neighbors were happy to support the Scouts as we made our way from house to house. At the designated last house for the day, while the friendly man was making his selection, Will asked me why the sky was red. I looked up to see the red clouds stretching across the sky as the sun hid behind the treeline in its pursuit of the horizon. It was beautiful. And peaceful. And somehow hopeful.

“The sun is setting. It’s time to head home,” I told my son. And I was thankful for the reminder to look up. There is a bigger picture, a bigger purpose. Sometimes it gets clouded by the crazy details that crowd me. But if I can lift my eyes and find the great sky and remember the greater One who hung it there, then am I settled in my heart and renewed in my spirit. Thanks, little Scout, for reminding me to look up.

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