The Gift of Inconvenience

Tonight I receive a gift. My evening plans have been thwarted so that the work I would normally do  cannot be done. I work remotely from home, but today there is a new server in town and I cannot log on yet. The urgent has been silenced by the inconvenient.

Perhaps I should be annoyed as my work papers sit untouched in their pile. No progress being made. Falling further behind. But the work will wait for me without ceasing, loyal as my trusty dog.

Instead I find in the inconvenience an opportunity and the anticipation of possibilities. Sometimes inconvenience is a gift of redirection… a chance to step back, take a look around, and see more clearly. A time to do something different, unplanned, unexpected. A little space for reading a good book, relaxing with my soulmate, planning summer adventures. Or maybe even… doing absolutely nothing.

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