Size Matters… In a Relative Sort of Way

So there I was this morning at the grocery store… dashing around on my hands and knees with my two grocery bags and purse sitting on the floor near me. I was in the entryway where the shopping carts stand ready to haul food around the store. It’s fairly secluded, and I was hoping no one would notice me.

Then I heard the Voice of Concern from behind me, “Are you okay?” I looked up briefly to see the nice man I had chatted with earlier concerning the price of pears. He was clearly puzzled by the sight of me crawling around the shopping carts.

My explanation: “I’m trying to catch this lizard.”

“Oh. Lizard. Well, have a good day!” He proceeded on his way as I, hastily grabbing my bags, chased the little anole out through the automatic doors.

The lizard was outside, but as I scanned the surroundings I realized that just wasn’t good enough. There was nothing but concrete for huge distances (relative to lizard size). I dropped my stuff again, determined to actually catch the little reptile this time. I did catch him – he didn’t even get to bite me – and carried him across the parking lot to a grassy area that had some trees, too. The little guy happily scurried through the grass.

It might have been kind of a silly thing to do… taking time out of my life to save the anole trapped in the grocery store. But for him, it was huge.

And Anna wonders why the new pears have bruises on them.


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  1. You are a woman after my own heart!
    We ‘rescued’ an anole that stowed away on one of our plants on our way to Colorado. It was a cool morning in Kentucky when I found him. He traveled cross country in a styrofoam coffee cup from the Hampton Inn. We made a terrarium for him and bought crickets for his meals. In spring, on our return to SC, we brought him back and released him. That little guy never even gave us a parting wave good-bye! But, we were still glad that we had save him!

  2. Oh, I forgot to add how much fun it would have been to see you scurry after the little guy! Hooray for you!

  3. Ha ha! Thanks! I love hearing stories from other animal lovers!

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