The Importance of Friendly

Friendly. I love it when people are Friendly. Everything just works better. One of my pet peeves is unfriendly people. We can disagree and have different ways of doing things, but at least be Friendly.

As the old saying goes, “Friendliness is next to godliness.” Okay, that’s not quite it, but it’s close. Friendliness is closely related to kindness, and God is most certainly kind. But even if you’re not concerned about God at all, you can still be Friendly, and the rest of us will greatly appreciate it.

Sure you may hate your job or feel awful today, but please try not to take that out on innocent bystanders. Set your issues and attitudes aside, and for the sake of your fellow humans, do even just the bare minimum, and be Friendly. Maybe not Happy or Enthusiastic or Sugary Sweet. Just a basic Friendly. It’s kind of like Courteous.

A smile, a wave, a helpful tip… Friendly creates community. Friendly makes the world a happier place. Friendly encourages, cheers up, and quickens the step. Sometimes Friendly even saves lives.

Save the whales. Save the planet. Save common decency. Friendly can do all this and more. Encourage Friendly wherever you find it.

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