Voices in My Head

I need to clear my thoughts, but I just can’t get these voices out of my head. No, don’t worry, I’m not going crazy. It’s just the kids playing in the other room… chattering, giggling, complaining, trying their best to navigate relationships and power struggles and still have a good time.

Big Sister is always in charge, which works great until she takes it too far, and Middle Child decides he’s had enough and it’s his turn. Little Guy pretty much goes along with the other two, just happy to be included.

Currently they’re playing they are a family of mice, but they should be cats I think. I’ve heard it said that dealing with small children is like herding cats, and I can definitely see the merits of the analogy.

Imagine a pleasant woman entering a store with three little feline friends. “Come along!” she calls. She is on a mission to find a new dress for an upcoming weekend event.

Cat #1 slinks along beside the woman, periodically dashing between her feet and nearly causing her to fall. Cat #2 notices the tags hanging from the clothing on the racks, and begins a swatting game. Cat #3 simply lays down to lick his fur, perfectly oblivious to the demands and desires of the lovely woman.

If the woman can get all three cats moving in the same direction, it is highly likely that they are chasing each other and bound to topple over some racks of clothing. Such is the daily challenge of the mother of more than one child.

So, yes, my kids are in my head, and it is hard to get them out. They are often all-consuming, even when they are not present. They can challenge my wits, my patience, my creativity. They explore, test, question, whine, protest, giggle, and leap for joy. They are me. And that in itself is the greatest source of joy and frustration.

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