Lucky Needs to Eat

So we took in this green anole, newly named Lucky, and had to figure out what to feed him. The whole family got involved in multiple bug hunts to find food for our new friend. We caught a bunch of grasshoppers, and put some in with Lucky, but he seemed uninterested.

After a day or two, we did some research on the internet and learned our anole really desires crickets and mealworms, and that his food should be about half the length of his head. Fascinating.

So Jon stopped by Petsmart to get mealworms and brought home superworms instead (they had no little capes, super though they were). We opened the superworms and quickly realized they were huge (in a relative sort of way) and they had legs, which I thought quite odd for worms. Lucky was not at all interested in them.

Fortunately, we were able to return the superworms, and I bought a small box of small crickets. No one has actually seen Lucky eat a cricket, but he seems to be doing well and I think the crickets are disappearing (although they do tend to hide), so I think we’re on to something.

I have found, however, that crickets, which I used to think were such cute, friendly little bugs, kinda creep me out. I try not to look at them too much except to get a head count. It might be because these crickets are pale and not the black ones I’m used to. Whatever it is, I’m not liking them very much. Anna and Will at first tried to name them, but I told them it’s best not to name the food… unless they want to name them Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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  1. Great for you to keep alive an exotic rescue animal. We have been struggling to keep frogs and fish alive in our aquarium in spite of the fact that they were supposed to be idiot proof!

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