With Open Arms

This morning at church, getting ready to go up for communion, I was thinking. Thinking about how – particularly when we come to church – God receives His children to Himself with open arms. He is our Refuge.

We come to Him humbly, laying our baggage at His feet. And He says, “Come to me, everyone who is weak and weary.”

The world is a mess out there, and we’ve all done our part to make it worse. But His love is stronger than that… “unyielding as the grave.” He receives His children with open arms of forgiveness. We give Him our failures, regrets, sins… And He gives us peace and rest and hope and life. It’s not a fair exchange really.

Some, from the outside, may look at Christians and think that we think we are so good and self-righteous. But true Christians know first and foremost that they are totally unworthy of the amazing gift of God. We have forgiveness and life only by the grace of God, not based on any “good” thing we might try to do.

And the gift is all-inclusive… an open invitation to the masses to Come. Taste and See that God is good. But only those who Come receive the gift.

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