Let Me Eat Cake – But Make it Yummy, Please!

Is it just me or do cakes not taste as good as they used to? I used to love birthday cakes – sweet and simple – with a side of ice cream! More recently, though, I have been disappointed over and over.

Perhaps I’ve become too finicky, prefering the finer cakes. Or perhaps the bakeries are cutting corners and offering lower quality fare.

A couple weeks ago we had a cake from Kroger that had practically no taste whatsoever. It was pretty, and looked like it would taste good. But really, it was just a waste of calories. Upon careful inspection of the lid, Jon noticed the expiration date was for July! There is nothing natural about an April cake being good until July. It was surely made of plastic or something. I threw it away, less than half-eaten. How sad.

I guess I will have to resort to either ordering from higher quality bakeries or just making cakes myself.

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