Happy Groundhog Day!

Don’t you just love Groundhog Day? It’s practically a perfect holiday. No social pressure to buy stuff, make appearances, or eat indulgently. No deep or controversial meanings. Nothing to defend or get an attitude over.

Just a cute, furry, little groundhog looking for his shadow, and some people looking forward to Spring. It’s fun. It’s whimsical.

I think we need more animal-themed holidays. Who’s up for Moose Day?


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2 Responses to Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. Well, you’ve grown up quite a bit since I saw you last.
    Does your mom still go by Marcee? My mom only knew her as either Marjorie or Margie. And how’s Uncle Dean?

  2. Hi, Robyn! Wow – it’s been ages!! How are you?? Yes, my mom goes by Marcee. My parents are both doing well. I’ll see them tomorrow and tell them I’ve heard from you! 🙂

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