Photos with Jesus

So there are two sides to Christmas – the spiritual “Jesus is born” Christmas, and the secular “Ho ho ho” Christmas. And you see all the malls have their Santas, and the kiddos line up to get their pictures taken with the big guy. And I’m thinking, “why don’t we have photo ops with Jesus since it is His birthday after all?”

You might wonder how on earth that would be possible, given Jesus’ current glorified state and all. But, really, is He here or not? Where is Jesus? Who would people get their picture taken with after waiting in the “Jesus line?”

The answer: Christians. Believers. The Church. Jesus lives in His people, right? We are not perfect, of course, but we are the way He chooses now to touch this world. We are the mask of God (as I read in a recent Forward in Christ). What a beautiful image! It’s like a costume ball and God is there, and as He interacts with people, He puts on the mask of Traci… or Nancy… or Jon… or Mark… or you?

Are we perfect? Do we get everything right? Of course not! But His perfection is so much greater than our imperfection that He can use us anyway. And that’s His glory.

So where’s the line for “Photos with Jesus?”

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