Hoping Change is in the Cool Autumn Air

It’s October and the weather has finally cooled off a bit around here! I was beginning to worry we’d be in the 80’s and 90’s forever (yes, I know this is south Georgia and the weather does this every year, but it does get old – although it is nice to still be in the pool in September)! Don’t you just love the changing of seasons? A new chapter, a breath of fresh air, new opportunities, a new rhythm to life…

Now we’re back into the swing of the schoolyear routine. Evan is attending a Parents’ Morning Out now so I actually have two mornings a week all to myself! Just think what I could accomplish in that time! The list is long… finish painting some walls and trim in the house, sell stuff on eBay, exercise, write, organize the garage, and on and on. So much to do, so little time.

This week I will go and cast my vote since early voting is open now for the November election. It does seem a bit odd to vote so soon, but I am so ready to see some real change in DC that I jump at the chance to get the ball rolling. Plus, early voting is so convenient… no waiting in lines with small children fussing… and we all want convenience after all, don’t we? So go out and vote (unless you’re voting for the opposition, in which case you can do the rest of us a favor and just stay home – she said ever-so-sweetly)!   🙂

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