End of Summer Resolutions

The winds of change are blowing; I can feel it in my bones. It’s my 10th wedding anniversary today, the start of a new decade of my life, back to school time. I’m ready to make some changes, do things a bit differently and get some new and improved results, take on the world! Why make resolutions in the bleak winter? Why not at the end of the oppressively hot summer, when the promise of cooler, invigorating autumn teases and beckons (ok, I live in South Georgia where we won’t actually feel any autumn coolness until late October or so)? I hereby resolve – ever so resolutely – to eat only when hungry (or just a little bit for the sake of social courtesy). I resolve to try to go to bed earlier (does it count as a resolution if you only try?). I resolve to work on my career path again. I resolve to savor every moment, to live deeply, to love richly, to be more thankful, to give more freely. I resolve to be a bit nicer – to myself and to others. I resolve to blog more often and to work on my photo albums with renewed fervor. I resolve to train my dogs – with the help of my daughter (whose hero is Victoria Stillwell, dog trainer). Resolutions or wishlist? I don’t know. But for the moment I’m feeling inspired, invincible, capable, empowered! Tomorrow, we’ll see…

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