All in a Summer’s Day

Well, today was a good day for me. I can’t always say that, but today I felt like a pretty good mommy! Took Anna and Will to VBS at their Grandma’s church, got Evan to take his morning nap, did a bit of work for which I am paid. Picked up the kiddos from VBS, and we had a picnic in the front room – we discovered that Evan is not yet big enough to understand the idea of a picnic, although he did really enjoy the plum he devoured. Put Evan down for his afternoon nap, read stories about kindness and compassion to Anna and Will (as part of my mission to focus on moral instruction this summer without them knowing it – hoping they will be nicer to each other more consistently), played two board games with kids. Evan woke up and we headed to the pool for a bit, then back home to make dinner (yes, actually cook dinner!)… and it was good! Yea me!

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