First Steps, First Party

Today (Saturday, May 1) we celebrated Evan’s first birthday with a pizza and cake party with family. Evan started off the day by impressing Jon and me with his very first steps – four of them – from the bed to his daddy. Way to go, little guy! I think he enjoyed his party, too, with both sets of grandparents, one aunt, one uncle, and several cousins. We all gathered around expectantly to watch him eat his oversized cupcake (the cake was for the rest of us), but alas! Evan hardly knew what to do with it. Although he is a year old, he does not care much for solid food yet (not at all like his sister and brother at that age). He did manage to eat some of the frosting and break the cake part into smaller pieces, but overall it was pretty anticlimactic. He thought the toys and balloons were lots of fun, though. Will thought it would be fun to pee on the tree in the backyard when he figured no one was looking. Too bad for him that we saw him, with pants down, through the kitchen window. He was so amused by his mischief that he immediately came inside and confessed, grinning and giggling. After all the party excitement, Evan took a nice nap. Such is the life of a one-year-old.

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