Last week the kids were out of school for spring break, and we spent lots of time at my in-laws’ house, especially since Heidi was in town with most of her family. Jon’s parents have 20 grandkids, and we had 15 in town last week. Anna and Will love spending time with their cousins, who range in age all the way up to grad school – my three are the youngest. But even the older cousins tend to be gracious to my little ones, taking time to play or chat or include them in whatever is going on. For this I am most grateful.

There is something special about the bond among cousins growing up, which perhaps could be said of the bond of family in general. I experienced the same thing as a child, enjoying my playmates and the sense of “we” (as in “our family”). The great thing is that now, though separated by years and miles, there’s still that special connection with my cousins. I’m happy to watch my kids building that same foundation, unknowingly, through time spent with their cousins.

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