Saturday, Workday

Today (Saturday) I decided to load up my three youngsters (ages 6, 4, and 10 months) and head to my office while Jon was working. I work part time from home, but usually go into the office on the weekends briefly to tie up loose ends, etc. I have never taken the kids with me due to the fact that, in most things, they slow me down. But today I wanted to knock it out and be done with it, and Jon wasn’t home anyway… So off we went – fully supplied with toys, snacks, and a stack of stuff to be done.

I was a bit apprehensive about the whole scenario – mostly regarding Evan and how to contain and entertain him while still accomplishing my work. Anna and Will are usually pretty good in such situations as long as they have something to occupy themselves with. So let’s just say I was less than enthused when I pulled up at the office and saw my boss’s car parked outside. I had to revamp my strategy – forget about letting Evan play on the floor or cry for even a second. The pressure was on. Not only did I have to get my work done, but now I had to maintain a pleasant, professional work environment for others (who are not usually there on the weekends!). Evan would be the lap baby and I would work as fast as possible.

Once inside I saw my boss’s wife and big, sweet, enthusiastic dog were there, too, with files and boxes pulled out all over the place. Nope, no floor for Mr. E today. Anna and Will were very good, as expected. Evan fulfilled expectations, too, being good for a while until, perhaps realizing he was missing a nap, he grew increasingly fussy. So the poor dog howled, having been exiled to the bathroom for his unbridled enthusiasm, and Evan fidgeted and fussed while I wrestled him and tried to click, print, and organize papers. Evan grabbed papers, pulled on desk drawers, tried to lunge to the floor, pulled my hair (he thought that was particularly funny), and chewed on my fingers as I tried to work. It struck me as revealing that no one offered to hold the baby so I could finish up, but I guess they’re just not “baby people.” It occurred to me today that I’m not getting paid enough.

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