My baby won’t sleep! Aaaahhh!!! Last night is a blur – I don’t know how many times he woke up. Two? Three? The problem is he won’t go back to sleep, often for over an hour. I try everything… from merely hoping he’ll go back to sleep, to sitting up quietly, to talking/singing, holding/rocking. When I finally feel hopeless, I tell Jon I’m done and he can have a go at it. Last night between crying spells Evan was standing in his crib, practicing waving – it would’ve been funnier if I’d been more awake. When Jon took his turn, he told me he and Evan made the rounds of the house, with Evan happily playing with toys in various rooms – I was oblivious as I essentially passed out as soon as Jon took over and the crying stopped.

What to do? I pray, I read silly books on infant sleep, I’ve gotten all kinds of advice. Evan is 10 months old. I know in my head that this won’t go on forever, but in the dark hours of the night it sure feels like it. Is there some kind of lesson I’m supposed to learn from this experience? If so, just send me an email, God, and let’s get it over with! The greatest thing I can imagine right now is a full, uninterrupted night of sleep. Wow.

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