A Broader Education

How does one go about educating the general population outside of the school system? I guess if you’re a large enough group with adequate funding you can launch a public awareness campaign – advertising, promoting, selling your message with the right image to make it appealing – like breast cancer awareness with its pink ribbons and events. I have a few issues that are important and dear to my heart that I wish the general population could know better. Aside from my core concern for the sharing of the gospel message, which I believe is not best served by an advertising campaign, these topics are:

1. basic financial education of the general population – how crazy that this is not a required part of everyone’s school education – balancing a checkbook, smart use of credit, why you should pay bills on time, interest explained, etc.

2. education on women’s options for pregnancy and childbirth, encouraging women to think through the options instead of blindly submitting to a doctor’s decrees without asking questions – to encompass the pros and cons of medical interventions like c-sections, epidurals, inducing labor, as well as provide info on natural alternatives including ways of coping with pain and the benefits to mother and baby of “going natural.”

3. promotion of breastfeeding, which really should be pushed by the government – how much healthier would babies be and how much money would Uncle Sam save if entitlement programs didn’t so easily pay for formula? I wonder if the healthcare bill has any provisions for promoting breastfeeding or the use of midwives and birth centers to lower costs. Oh, right, the bill doesn’t do anything to really lower medical costs, plus that would aggravate the big medical business.

4. motivational and inspirational instruction aimed especially at the younger at-risk population to help them set higher goals, get excited about learning, find strong role models – to help those like a little girl (poor, black) I met who aspired to be a single mom… as well as light a fire under the rest of us, too.

Anyway, I’m rambling and I’m not sure what my point is, but I just wonder how to effectively get a message “out there” without having a zillion dollars. Hmmm…

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