Snow Day!

Well, we had real snow last night here in Savannah for the first time since February 1996. Anna and Will had a blast running around outside in it with all the other kids on the block, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues, and scooping up “snowballs” to throw. It was great fun, but then Anna and Will needed to go to bed, and we all hoped to see snow in the morning.

This morning we were disappointed to see only a soggy landscape and not a trace of snow. But never fear! We loaded up our gang and drove an hour north to my parents’ house where they still had a couple inches on the ground! Anna and Will were delighted to see the blanket of snow covering everything, making it all “pitch white” as Anna exclaimed. 🙂 We made a snowman and snow angels (against my dad’s desires – “they’ll get all wet and cold!” Ok, and they get this chance once in a decade or so? I think we can get a little wet and cold!). The kids had fun just goofing off in the snow. Except Evan, who just stared at it and touched it a bit. We even got to eat lunch with my folks, too, before scurrying back home to go to a birthday party that we were late for because I was misinformed of the time… but that’s a different story. The snow was great!

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