A Refreshing Trip to the Vet

Yesterday I took Lucy, our boxer, to the vet. Dog people love Lucy; non-dog people, not so much. She is classic boxer… a fun-loving, exuberant clown who wiggles her whole body in greeting, and then jumps up to lick your face! She loves everyone – unless you upset her by knocking on our door or skateboarding outside our house, though she’ll still likely lick you if given the chance. Anyway, we were off to the vet!

For some reason it occured to me to ask my mother-in-law to watch Anna, Will, and Evan during our vet visit. And an amazing thing happened. I had a delightful, relaxing, almost retreat-like time at the vet’s office sans kids! I was able to give my attention to my big sweet dog, let my mind wander, and sit peacefully waiting. It was so easy!! No negotiating who gets to hold the leash, no settling of disputes about the seating arrangements, no wrestling with a squirmy learning-to-walk nine-month-old who wants to put everything in his mouth. Just me and my dog in harmony with the universe.

Obviously, I don’t get out much by myself!

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