Thanksgiving, please!

I went to AC Moore the other day in search of some crafty Thanksgiving stuff to do with Anna and Will. My quest led me up and down the aisles past rows and rows of Christmas crafts and decor, and won me a bewildered look from one salesperson. I was sent to the small Halloween clearance section, which had sadly run out of wooden turkeys to paint. Not a pilgrim in sight – not even a place for pilgrims. Sigh. Another salesperson redirected me and I arrived, at last, at the even smaller clearance Thanksgiving/fall section.

I happily found a couple activities to commemorate the season – pilgrims and all! But it was disconcerting to find that, two and a half weeks before Thanksgiving, the holiday is already “clearanced” to make way for Christmas. I love Christmas – the decorations, activities, music, and the meaning of it all – but can’t we take time to savor Thanksgiving, too?! Thanksgiving is a great holiday, certainly more meaningful than the over-marketed Halloween. I love Christmas, but I don’t want to think about it yet. I want to take time to be thankful, to tell the pilgrims’ story, mindful of the harvest and the many ways that God provides for us. I want to cozy up to the browns and golds and oranges of autumn, reflecting on our many blessings, before embracing the jolly red and green to come. “Give thanks with a grateful heart…” I think the world could use a bigger dose of that. By the way, I was thankful that my Thanksgiving finds were on sale – I got those nice pilgrim and turkey stickers for a bargain price!

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