Summer Vacation

Our family went on vacation recently, driving from Savannah to Pittsburgh in about 16 hours over two days. “Two days of forever” as Jon has said. We hadn’t been on a big trip since before the kids can remember, so it was exciting for all (except Evan, who is not impressed by such things yet). I must admit the drive reawakened my love for moving about in the world. The call of the open road, seeing the landscape, pondering the possibilities that lie ahead, meeting people along the way… like the miner with his arthritic Australian Shepherd who ran after the ball Anna and Will threw for him at a rest area; or the friendly Pittsburghers who welcomed us at their home for the church picnic; or the West Virginian who took our picture at the scenic overlook. You realize the distance between us is greater and lesser than you might have imagined.

Anna and Will had a great time, although they didn’t think it should have taken so long to get to Aunt Heidi and Uncle Gary’s house. They marveled at seeing mountains for the first time and how the rocks looked like giant stairs; they were excited to stay in a hotel twice; they were in awe of all their cousins’ toys. They loved the dinosaurs, amusement park rides, polar bears and tigers… skyscrapers, the Children’s Museum, driving through tunnels, swinging, eating out. What more could a kid want? Oh, right. Now they’re asking when we can go to Disney World!

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