Potty Talk

Somewhere along the way in the greening of America, someone came up with the genius idea of automatic flush toilets. Let me just say it was not a parent of small children. Sure, initially it sounds like a good idea… save some water, increase cleanliness, whatever. But the fact is these toilets were not engineered for the 40-pound people who may need to sit on them.

So we’re at a restaurant for lunch today and Will has to go potty. We walk into the restroom and I notice the automatic flusher, but refrain from commenting so as not to induce a Refusal To Potty. Will sits down and starts to “go” and in a minute the potty flushes, much to his displeasure. Luckily it was not a loud flush like some toilets make. The toilet flushed three times while he was on it, stressing out the little guy so he couldn’t even finish his business and using extra water for no good reason.

Anna and Will have actually Refused To Potty on various occasions upon noticing an automatic flushing toilet, and I can’t say that I blame them. The only thing worse than the auto-flusher might be the automatic hand dryer, especially those high-powered ones that threaten to damage your hearing while saving the environment. Will accidentally walked underneath an auto-dryer recently and had no kind words to say about it! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an override switch available or an old-fashioned alternative as a back-up plan when needed? I know my kids would appreciate it.

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